Stack the odds in your favor!

Interested in learning code? Overwhelmed by the amount of information to learn? We've got a tool for you!

Blending the old with the new, codeDeck is an interactive educational flash card game! Try our first GIT deck, or checkout other Decks soon to come!

Decks Available

Github - 31 Cards

Having trouble learning the ropes of Github? Did you accidentally merge all of your old work into your project repo?

We've all been there, use these cards to brush up on your Git knowledge so you'll never wipe out a week of work again!

CSS - Coming Soon!

See yourself as a future front-end designer? Not sure how to decorate your website into what you envision? CSS will help you beautify your website!

About Us:

codeDeck was created in the fall 2017 coding bootcamp by John Desrosiers, Julie Ching, Teddy Hidalgo, and Philip Ma. We apologize for the ads and hope you can put up with them. It allows us to pay the bills for the website so our users can continue to enjoy the content for free!

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